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Introducing 3 New Low Cal Flavours

Introducing Nutty Professor’s trio of irresistible new flavours adding to the Nutty Professor Fit Edition Range! Experience a world of nutty indulgence like never before with our Banana, Coconut Latte, and Choco Orange peanut butter spreads.


Go bananas with Nutty Professor’s newest flavour sensation! Our Banana peanut butter spread is the perfect blend of creamy, nutty goodness with a delightful hint of tropical sweetness.

coconut latte

Get swept away by the tantalizing taste of our Coconut Latte peanut butter spread! Experience the creamy and nutty combination, infused with the exotic essence of coconut and a touch of aromatic coffee. 

choco orange

Indulge your taste buds with our Choco Orange peanut butter spread! Immerse yourself in the rich and velvety blend of smooth chocolate and zesty orange, creating a harmonious symphony of flavours. 

Ah, peanuts! The humble little legumes that hold the power to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary delights.

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From as low as 30kcal per 15g serving

The Low Cal Peanut Spread

From 30 kcal per 15g

Our super smooth and creamy spreads are just like peanut butter with fewer calories,.


Classic nutty perfection. Smooth and satisfying, guilt-free pleasure.


Decadent cocoa delight. Indulge without the guilt. Pure chocolate bliss.

Choco Orange

Zesty meets chocolatey. Citrus kick with velvety chocolate. Irresistibly unique.


Tropical twist meets nutty bliss. Creamy banana goodness in every bite.

Coconut Latte

Exotic and creamy. A tropical coffee escape in every spoonful.

low calorie flavours
peanut butters
peanuts used

Peanut Butters

Each jar is packed with nutty goodness and a burst of unique and exciting flavours. From the spicy and aromatic Tikka and Fajita varieties to the fiery kick of Extreme Chilli and Cashew Chipotle, there’s a flavour to spice up your taste buds. Dive into our mouth watering Salsa Peanut Dip, a perfect blend of tangy salsa and creamy peanuts. And for a fruity twist, indulge in our Bonnet Berry Burst Jam and Tropical Tickle Jam!

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